Past Activities:

Orientation to TU Psychology teachers based on new curriculum (02days)

The program was conducted at the seminar hall of Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur from 17thto 18th March 2017. Based on the new curriculum, two days’ orientation program for TU Psychology teachers was provided. Total of 35 TU Psychology teachers were directly benefited from the orientation program.

The objective of the program was to facilitate and make teachers acquaint with new curriculum of “Child Psychology and Juvenile Delinquency” and help teachers deal effectively with theoretical and practical work load of new course. The Expert team of Department of Psychology gave orientation to the participants.

District level interaction programme among the actors of justice system institutions, civil society, child clubs, media persons and other concern stakeholders.

The District level interaction program was held on December 29th,2017 at Dhanusha District Court.The Programs was chaired by Honorable Judge Radha Krishna Upreti of Dhanusha District Court. Other participants of the program were Local Development Officers, Assistant Central District Officers, Director Inspector General, Chairperson of Dhanusa DistrictBar Associationalong with other relevant stakeholders.

During the interaction program the Concept of Juvenile Justice System with National and International legal provision were discussed. The participants shared experience and the problems faced by them in different stages of court proceedings. They also felt the necessity of working in close coordination with relevant stakeholders to improve the present conditions.

TOT on life skills, self awareness sexual and reproductive health, GBV and aggression management

The program was conducted from 17th to 19thSeptember, 2017 at hall of UCEP Nepal(ThimiBhaktapur). The program provided training to25 participants including social worker, child psychologists, police, and hostel warden of three correction homes viz. Kathmandu, Sarangkot and Biratnagar.

The objective of the program was to provide refresher training related to life skills, self awareness, sexual and reproductive health, Gender based violence and aggression management to the participants.

Three Days Orientation to District Court Registrars on Juvenile Justice Administration

Three days’ orientation program to District Court Registrars on Juvenile Justice Administration was provided from 29th to 31st July, 2017.The program was targeted for District Registrars of the 25 District Courts of Nepal (1stPhase), because they are the focal person in courts who would be in contact with victims, delinquents, child psychologist and social worker, throughout the whole juvenile justice administration process.

Monitoring Visit (juvenile bench, detention center, child correction home)

As per the mandate provided by the Juvenile Justice (procedure) Regulation, 2063 this Secretariat conducts regular monitoring of various District Courts (regarding the condition and functioning of Juvenile Bench), Child Correction Homes, Detention center and other relevant bodies working on the field of Child.

Ongoing Activities:

·    Monitoring

·    Coordination with various bodies working in the field of Children.

·    Research and Publications

  • Preparation of Glossary and Key Concepts related to Child Rights and Juvenile Justice.
  • A Study on Case flow status of Juvenile Delinquency Cases (MisilAddhayan)
  • Collection and Publication of the District Court Judgments related to Juvenile Justice

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