The Government of Nepal ratified the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Child, 1989 in 14 Nov. 1990, and the Children's Act, 1991 was subsequently enacted in 1992. The Act provides a framework for implementation and monitoring children at risk as well as those in conflict with the law. It incorporated provision of Juvenile Courts or Benches to deal the accused or delinquent child. The Act established an institution for caring and protecting to children such as orphanage, centre for mentally retarded children, at child welfare home and child correction Home. However, implement status of Act is still great challenge due to organisational as well as resource constraints (both professional and financial resources). Despite of the sign in international instruments and passed the Children act, rule and regulations the Juvenile Justice system is not properly seen. Event though, Government of Nepal has brought one important rules which is a land mark touch stone for strengthening the Juvenile Justice in Nepal. The name of by laws is Juvenile Justice (procedure) Regulation, 2006 which constituted secretariat office. Juvenile justice coordination Committee secretariat office established in CCWB.

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